Welcome to The Virtual Metallurgical Museum of Železiarne Podbrezova :
The web of The Metallurgical Museum is processed in two versions – HTML and Flash.
HTML version:
classical navigation through the documents and exhibits by the left navigation menu. The exhibits are arranged alphabetically by name or registration number.This version is intended for computer users with low data rate.
Flash version: a simulation of a visit to the real museum. It allows visitors to “walk” and look over the individual panels and show-cases being placed in the museum. This version is intended for computer users with faster access information retrieval. It is possible to switch between these two versions.

The museum maps history of metallurgy in our region, the beginning of Podbrezova ironworks and its influence on the region development. At the present time two expositions are made available – internal and external.
In Internal exposition there are twenty-two panels with photographs and materials, fourteen show –cases where the exhibits are placed documenting the historical facts.
External exposition offers a view of the preserved parts of metallurgical machines.

Ironworks - Zeleziarne Podbrezova was founded in 1840...

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